#21days21tips initiative by The Test Chat Community!!


Pricilla Bilavendran
6 min readApr 6, 2022



Personal branding is not an offensive word, we as testers need to promote ourselves and our team. If you are not promoting it, no else will


Follow the process, if you don’t have one create one. It might be painful initially, but it save will lot of your efforts in future 😊


Don’t get exhausted, take a break when needed


Every project will have a Test Plan template. As the name suggests, it’s a “Template”. Make sure to tweak them based on your project details. Pay attention to the details. Most importantly the scope, RACI, Risks and Assumptions. This stays as single source of truth, so get the right approvals.


Be responsive, not reactive!!

Everyone likes the responsive webpages, not the non responsive ones, LOL :-)

Check here for more details: https://lnkd.in/gZW8M9kr


Focus on the basics. It doesn’t matter what type of testing you do. Fundamentals are the must. Once the basement is strong you can build a multi-storied (storeyed) building.


Not all tasks are feasible in the stipulated time. If it’s getting extended try to have the habit of providing the interim status. Don’t keep the e-mails or message threads left un-responded for weeks.


Learn the technical jargons. Only then, when the other stakeholders speak technically you will not feel intimidated. As Testers, we limit ourselves in learning those.

It helps you to connects the dots. Also it gives you a better confidence on the testing process and helps you to ask questions to developers or other stakeholders in a better way.

For instance, refer this page for a “Lexicon for API testers” explaining in simple way for complex tech words which helps the beginners: https://muuktest.com/blog/api-testing-glossary/