How to integrate the Postman Monitors with “Microsoft Teams”

Pricilla Bilavendran
5 min readMar 27, 2022


Hello Everyone,

How are you all? I hope everyone is doing good.

I am back today with another topic in Postman. By now most of us are aware of this functionality. If not, let me try to explain it here.

Wherever we are testing the APIs in Postman, you might have tried to integrate with the CI/CD applications for the scheduled runs. But for small scale projects there’s an inbuilt feature in Postman called “Monitors”.

It’s nothing but which runs in a scheduled interval and triggers the notification when something fails in your collection. Usage of monitors are based on different use-cases or requirements. Few instances : when client wants to understand the failing trend of an API, if there’s some data refresh and the collection need to run in the stipulated interval to verify if everything is fine. So based on your need if you think monitors can help you go ahead and explore it.

Basic monitoring helps you to give insights about the trend and triggers you the e-mail notification. While there’s some advanced monitoring in which you can integrate Postman with other tools like Slack, Data dog, MS Teams etc.

First, let’s see how to set-up a basic collection based monitor:

Step 1: Select the collection you need to monitor. Click the three dots next to it.


You can directly go to the “Monitors” tab and “Create Monitors”

Step 2: If you navigate from collection then the collection name will be auto populated. Else you need to select the collection name manually.

Just by filling few fields manually your monitor is ready! Tada…



Pricilla Bilavendran