My journey with Postman!!

How it all started with Postman Community and to be now a Postman Supernova

Pricilla Bilavendran
6 min readMay 17, 2021


Dear People,

Hope you are all safe and healthy…

I was thinking for a while to pen down this post.

How it started?

Almost like most of you guys, I too started with Postman for testing the API’s manually. Developers will provide us the set of collections where-in the credentials will be stored (some generic ones for testing purposes), and we will be just hitting the endpoint and check that we receive 2XX series response codes. If there’s some other response code series then, will reach out to the developer.

As a Tester, I was curious about the “Tests” section and I started with the readily available code snippets. I understood that these are the assertions done as part of the response instead of manually checking them. That was the beginning of my journey with API’s.

My Team Leader insisted us to learn “Postman”, so that we don’t want to perform front end tests, we can get access to the API’s and test as part of back end. So he helped us to learn and explore Postman. Everyday he used to assign some tasks to complete and end of the day he validates our solution. Even if we stuck-up somewhere he patiently explains the logic. He suggested to start with Test Data process creation using API’s. Because we had a requirement to create umpteen number of test data for testing a solution. But we never had any ready made collections this time, all we had is the API documentation for the product. So from the documentation I learnt how to build requests, then gradually customized the test data, data driven approach, collection runner features. Finally we had a beautiful collection ready with the authentication, test data creation/updation. From zero, we now had a collection to create tons of test data in single click. We customized them based on our needs.

Postman Community Experience:

In this process, Google was most preferred buddy right? So, I googled for many of queries and most of them were already available in “Postman Community” forum. I was so keen to get my solutions, so I copied the solution and started back on tweaking them as…