Reminiscing over 2021!!

Some memories are worth revisiting right??

Pricilla Bilavendran
4 min readFeb 2, 2022


2021 has been a great year with lot of hiccups. I explored myself and tried few stuffs out of my comfort zone.

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Miracles do happen, right?

2021 had a lot of surprises for me. I would say that, indeed, it’s a special year for me.

How did it all start?

My leads motivated me to prepare the KT documents for the new joiners to the team. So I had to prepare some handbooks for them along with a few activities to learn.

Then I thought of giving internal KT sessions. So I planned my first in-house one, which helps me to build my confidence. I received good feedback, of course some are really constructive. I implemented them and started to work on my public speaking skills. I was a good speaker during my school days and I didn’t try anything serious after that. It seems like a fresh start. I had to pull myself together to make this work. Some Days I had this imposter syndrome, which didn’t let me speak out freely. I really had this mental struggle and thought of doing an external talk finally. So, what to talk about? I felt it should be a comfortable topic, and the one which I love the most. I decided to go with the same topic which I presented internally to my colleagues — API Testing and Postman basics.

That time I was familiar with the Test Tribe community and their founder Mahesh. I suggested my idea to him. He supported me fully to do my first talk and motivated me. I was so skeptical if I could do it, but he trusted me more. So finally I spoke in the TTT’s virtual meetup back to back topics. I believe it’s not my best presentation, but it remains as a special memory. Audience was also so kind and encouraging. For me, it felt like an Himalayan achievement. That’s how my speaking journey started.

Then I did a lot of talks internally, spoke in international conferences and many meetups.