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Hope you are all safe and healthy…

I was thinking for a while to pen down this post.

How it started?

Almost like most of you guys, I too started with Postman for testing the API’s manually. Developers will provide us the set of collections where-in the credentials will be stored (some generic ones for testing purposes), and we will be just hitting the endpoint and check that we receive 2XX series response codes. If there’s some other response code series then, will reach out to the developer.

As a Tester, I was curious about the “Tests” section and I started…

When you start working with third-party APIs, you would have noticed different API authentication methods. This will provide you the authorization for accessing those APIs.

Hello People!!

How are you all? We can discuss about the basic request building part in Postman.

HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) is the protocol used to send and receive data over the Internet. When you make an API call, an HTTP client sends a request to an HTTP server, which then sends back a response with the requested data to the client.

An HTTP request is an action to be performed on a resource identified by a given Request-URL(baseURL). Request method names are case-sensitive, and should always be denoted in upper case i.e GET, POST etc.. …

Dear People,

I hope you are all safe!

Today we are going to learn something in Postman which will be very helpful and save our time in most of the scenarios.

If you have worked on any programming language, you would have worked with variables with different scopes. They are nothing but placeholders to hold some value or result of some expressions. We have the same variable concept in Postman with few scopes.

Dear People,

I hope you are safe and doing good.

When I started with API Testing, JSON format was quite new to me. But somehow I liked it due to it’s readability. Due to the love for that, currently I have updated my bio in many places in JSON format. Okay, let me explain why I am writing this post.

If you are new to APIs and API Testing, I suggest you to start with Postman.

Hello Peeps,

Welcome back!!

Postman allows us to execute requests in a collection through the collection runner and while execution we can provide a data set in the form of JSON or CSV that are used while running the requests inside the collection.

Hello Peeps,

I came to know about “Women in APIs” community through Hannah, the technical community manager @ Postman. This community is a part of apidays. You can check more about the community here,

This community includes people from diverse background and just one common factor between them is APIs. Once you apply for “Join the Community”, you need to fill in some basic details about you and submit.

Dear Community,

Hope you all are safe and healthy!

It’s time to go back to some basics. We will discuss few basic things about API’s and Postman here.

What is Postman?

In this pandemic, we load ourselves with lots of negativity. Now is the time to think back and cherish some memories of your childhood.

Definitely our kids will make us think lot about our childhood days. And we cannot fix them if we really had a bad past. But we have the power to bring the inner child in us. Our children can definitely help us with this important life reminder.

But where do we start? You need to stop and truly notice them. What are they doing everyday? What makes them happy? …


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